Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart to have 260 HP engine, Evo IX's AWD

It's been generally accepted that the sales success of the first generation Subaru Impreza WRX caused Mitsubishi to rethink its policy of keeping the Evo off U.S.-bound boats. The Evolution's introduction in the States was quickly followed by the STI's, and all was right in the AWD performance segment. Not quite. Mitsubishi needs a direct competitor to the base WRX and as we've seen already, the Ralliart moniker is coming back, and it won't be limited to a couple of stickers and 15-inch O.Z. wheels.

Some European journalists were assembled by Mitsubishi this week (likely an Evo X ride and drive) and it was revealed that a five-door version of the Lancer would be made available abroad sporting a 260 hp engine and the Evolution IX's all-wheel-drive system. If this is the same setup as the Ralliart Lancer we'll be getting in the U.S., that pegs the 2008 Subaru WRX with a 36 hp deficiency, not to mention the wizardry of the last generation Evo AWD system.

Also noted in the article were three different versions of the Evolution X that our friends across the pond will get in the coming years, with models creating 295 hp, 330 hp and 360 hp. No surprise, since they've been blessed with a number of FQ-models over the course of the Evo's lifespan.

[Source: 4Car]

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