Alfa Junior named "Furiosa"

So the contest has a winner: The new baby Alfa is going to be named "Furiosa." After a contest in 6 countries ( Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, France and Japan), Alfa has decided that the smallest Alfa Romeo is going to be named "Furious". The list of all the names that were selected for the contest were: Agea, Enos, Everso, Fira, Furiosa, Milo, Mod, Nevo, Solea, Sparvo, Velvetta and Ventura.

The model accomplishes two important targets for the Milanese marque: it will cover a very interesting segment of the market (18 to 30 year-olds) and it will use smaller engines that will move down the average CO 2 emissions of the brand. Alfa is using the Furiosa to have a small entry model: the current 147 is becoming the 149 in 2008, growing in size. The 149 denomination will be kept for the 5-door C-segment (think Golf, Focus) and the Furiosa will become the only 3-door Alfa available.

The Furiosa will be built on the Fiat Grande Punto platform and will use the new generation of small yet powerful T-Jet engines already seen in Fiats, from 120 to 200 HP. The car will also have a set of diesel engines, between 100 and 150 HP.

So, we have a new competitor (at least in Europe) for the Mini, BMW 1 Series and the upcoming Audi A1. Prices are expected to start from about 16,000 EUR.

[Source: Auto News]

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