Toyota exec calls Hyundai "strong enemy"

You know you've arrived when your competitors not only begin acknowledging that you exist, but actually see you as a threat. Hyundai got to enjoy this distinct pleasure today when Toyota's chairman Fujio Cho told a group of Korean journalists that it was a "strong enemy". Not only has Hyundai completely transformed its image in North America from a slinger of bargain basement econo-boxes to a respected purveyor of reasonably priced, well built automobiles, but it's also going after emerging markets like China, Africa and the Middle East as hard as anyone else. Plus, Toyota has directly felt the sting of Hyundai's success, having been forced to rub elbows with the brand at the top of many recent J.D. Power and Associates reports. Still, calling Hyundai a 'strong enemy' is a bit harsh, no? How about "worthy adversary" or "respected competitor"? Toyota really drives home the point that the business of selling cars is like war and that no 'enemy' should be underestimated.
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