Nissan can't prevent GT-R markups at dealer level

Despite floating a plan that would attempt to stop the inevitable customer speculation in the GT-R by voiding the car's warranty if it were sold in the first year, Nissan has come to the conclusion that they are, frankly, powerless to stop it. The company says it gave up on the plan because it wouldn't be fair to the guy who really had to sell his car within that time.

The other folks who Nissan won't be able to stop from making a bundle by marking up the car are its own dealers, who, let's face it, are frothing at the mouth to have a GT-R on display in their showrooms. Honestly, after years of trying to push Maximas and Sentras, if you were lucky enough to get some GT-Rs to sell, wouldn't you add a little cream? For some new shoes for the kids? Especially since there will be only 1,500 sold the first year?

But by law Nissan can't tell dealers what they should and shouldn't charge. Instead, it will "counsel them on why they shouldn't." And when the dealers are finished nodding sagely, everyone can expect them to start adding zeros. It's not all free beer, though: dealers certified to sell the GT-R will need to shell out on additional training for their mechanics, and will need to adjust the car's transmission and drive shafts every three years, for free. That's money they will probably recoup on the markup from just one car...

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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