In a January report, Louisana displaced Pennsylvania as having the worst roads in the nation. Never having taken the top spot in the worst roads category, Louisiana is no rookie to the top five on the Highway Report Card, a survey conducted by Overdrive Magazine.

Truck drivers state that I-10 alone is bad enough to qualify Louisiana for the "worst roads" crown; but the rest of the roads are not much better. Hurricane Katrina left nearly everything in its wake a complete disaster in southern Louisiana, but neighboring Texas seems to have fared much better.

Texas was voted No. 1 for not only the best roads but as having the best car drivers and best rest stops of any state as well.

On the negative side, most of the 400 respondents to the survey agreed that road rage increased along with traffic in 2006.

See the categories and results below:

Sources: PRNewswire, OverdriveOnline

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