Out of nowhere: Toyota says Celica replacement coming to Europe in 2009

In an article in Automotive News about Toyota's opposition to a maximum speed limit on Germany's autobahn, the publication's Deutsch counterpart, Automobilwoche, reported that Toyota intends to bring the Celica back to market sometime in 2009. The only semi-sporting model in Toyota's lineup was killed in 2005 both here and abroad, and although it doesn't mention sales in the U.S., it stands to reason that if Toyota does decide to revive the Celica, a model here in the States would be a distinct possibility.

What form the new Celica might take is open to debate, but the recent rumblings of a low-cost RWD model might hint at the future. If Scion gets the rumored rear-driver, is it too far of a stretch that an upmarket version could don the Toyota emblem? In short: we hope so.

Thanks for the tip, Dylan!

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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