Lamborghini trying also to become greener

Lamborghini is ranked among the most polluting brands in Europe and the US. But, as the same way Ferrari is aware that they have to do something about their not-so-green reputation, Lamborghini has made public its intentions to improve CO2 emissions. Of course, a brand which makes performance and looks its trademarks can only improve them by reducing weight, said Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini CEO.

The shadow of the EU's 130 g/km of CO2 regulations is very large, coming in effect in 2010. Lamborghini's actual figure is (take a deep breath) about 400 g/km. Weight-reducing solutions to improve this figure will surely imply the use of lighter materials for the chassis and the body, although the brand won't surely reach the required figures.

Nevertheless, there is a concern about noise pollution as well, which is a nightmare in some cities. Winkelmann stated that Lamborghinis are driven mostly on weekends, which causes the least concerns for citizens. Cities in Southern Europe are currently limiting the maximum dB a car can emit while running on streets.

Continue after the jump to see the latest Lamborghini's project, the Reventón

[Source: Reuters]

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Just for the note. Lamborghini names its cars according to bull's names taken from Spanish Bullfighting (according to the video, this one is named after one that was very brave in 1943). While some great names were the Gallardo and the Murciélago, Reventón might be a bull name, but it also means blowout.

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