Honda will lease the FCX Clarity from three dealers in Southern California

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Honda has announced a few more details about the whos and wheres of the FCX Clarity launch that is due to kick off next summer. We already knew that lessees would pay $600 a month for the car, which covers all maintenance costs and collision insurance; fuel is extra. Honda told Automotive News that about 50 people have told Honda that they'd like to be among the few who get to lease an FCX Clarity. Honda also said that three Honda dealers, in or near the cities of Santa Monica, Irvine and Torrance in Southern California, will be the places to get an FCX Clarity. If you're interested in adding your name to the 50, you can do so at the official FCX Clarity site. And click on the First Drive link below to read what it's like to cruise the streets in one of these $10m puppies.

[Source: Kathy Jackson / Automotive News]

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