Amateur designer daydreams: What a 2010 Bugatti Royale could look like

Bugatti has stated that it is not going anywhere, and that there will be another model, and that it won't be an entry-level model. (Never mind the fact that an "entry level" Bugatti could still cost $800,000.) What they haven't stated is what kind of model it will be, except to say that it will remain the best of the best.

We aren't sure who's responsible for the rendering above, but if Bugatti were to go the sedan/limo route, this is one person's idea of a new Bugatti Royale. From this angle, we are definitely in. It's a car in which we could see going very fast, very comfortably, on our way to Biarritz with three of those damsels we met at the craps table in Monaco.

From the rear, however... well, things go less... winningly. We can understand the concept of a shooting brake -- but a Bugatti Royale Wagon? Looking at that elegantly sloping expanse just makes us want to go shopping. Very quickly, still, and for very expensive stuff... but shopping nonetheless.

[Source: via Caradisiac]

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