5 SUVs that get less than 16 MPG, cost more than $100 to fill up

There is just something about spending $100 versus spending one penny less that makes you think twice. I might not feel so bad about owning a low mileage SUV if a single fill up did not cost too much even if I had to fill up a lot more often. Psychologically, the worst SUV may not be the SUV with the lowest miles per gallon but the one with the biggest gas tank. So, which SUVs cost more than $100 to fill up right now?
Bankrate.com made a list recently of SUVs and pick ups that get less than 16 miles per gallon (combined city and highway), ranked them by the size of the gas tank and calculated how much it would cost to fill up with a gas price of $3.50 per gallon. The list below uses this week's national average, $3.09, and we see the Ford F250 Super Duty pickup coming in first with a 38-gallon-capacity gas tank and a cost of $117.42 to fill the tank from empty. Here is the list;
Below the fold is a video of how a gas tank is made. There is some dispute on if or how one should fill up a gas tank. I wonder if carmakers will actually start to make smaller gas tanks so we don't feel so much of a sticker shock at the pump?

[Source: Bankrate.com]

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