Phoenix MotorCars building a plant in Puebla, Mxico

An online Mexican newspaper has announced that Phoenix MotorCars is building a manufacturing plant in the state of Puebla in México. The plant, which is made jointly with Pristine International, will create 1,500 jobs in the area. The plant will be built in a new industrial development area near Huejotzingo's airport. The companies are investing an initial $90 million, but a total of $250 million will be invested in the near future.

Ricardo Lorden, Phoenix's director for México and Latin America said that the plant would produce a car "able to run up to 200 km/h (130 mph), which can be recharged in 10 minutes." Mr. Lorden also envisioned a future network of fast recharging stations powered from different sources of energy, which could make gasoline redundant. We'll see if this plant can help us decipher at all the recent changes in Phoenix's motor of choice for their all-electric SUT.

[Source: Intolerancia Diario]

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