If you're one of our readers who likes to point out the many high hurdles that Tesla Motors has yet to scale in their quest to bring the Tesla Roadster to market, you're not along. In fact, Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard is right there with you. Eberhard says that, when it comes to engineering the Roadster, "what keeps me up at night is the complexity of the problem." The quote comes from the Unofficial Stanford Blog, which also has a video of the Tesla HQ and spends some time with the very same Roadster prototype (#10) that our own Sam Abuelsamid recently took for a test ride.

Min Liu and Nir Eyal of iinnovate spoke with Eberhard and reveal that he's been driving since he was 13. That's the age when he learned to drive on a farm. Pop psychology might tell us that the Roadster is the fulfillment of a lifetime of wishing the vehicle you're in could go faster while keeping the air and water clean so the crops can grow. Or something.

[Source: The Unofficial Stanford Blog, h/t to Domenick]

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