Amateur designer daydreams: the Porsche Carma Concept

Click the image above for more hi-res shots of the student-designed Porsche Carma Concept

Add it up: four students at the Institut Superieur de Design in France, some complex modeling software, and the desire to come up with a super slippery Porsche. What do you get from that? This: the Porsche Carma Concept. The task was to create a car that cheated the wind in new ways, yet remained a Porsche in design and engine placement.

The body of the car seems to take a lot of cues from a lot of different cars, and frankly doesn't look much like a Porsche above the beltline -- in a Cayenne/Panamera world, what does any more? -- but that's not to say it's not a good looking car. We'd take one.

Aerodynamically, the car has a flat floor with two tunnels running the length of the body. But its most interesting feature might be the 928-esque rear end cap that extends slightly at speed to let air flow into the bodywork, where it passes over an internal spoiler and exits at the rear. Not that we're against those QE2-sized planks adorning some of the faster Porsches these days, but it is a very elegant solution to rear end lift. It will also make the car feel less like overkill when you're just popping down to 7-11 at 25 MPH for some morning coffee. In fact, if it actually works, we won't take one. We'll take three. Check out the video at the Carma Concept site, and be sure to check out hi-res pics of the car below.

[Source: Porsche Carma Concept site via Autoblog NL]

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