This video shows a group called 4x4info Action (4x4 is what SUVs are called in French) took 11 activists dressed as football (ok, soccer) referees and pulled out red cards at passing by SUVs drivers in the center of Brussels, Belgium. This non-violent action was so publicised that it eclipsed for a while Belgium's national problems. In the video you can see how festive the action was.

The slogan at the beginning is "Le 4x4, ça pue, ça tue et ça pollue" (SUVs stink, kill and pollute). The SUV driver is not really capable of mentioning a reason for driving an SUV downtown (la sécurité... safety). Even the kid at the end says "C'est trop gros... il foit avoir une petite voiture" (It's too big... you should have a small car).

What did the activists want to express? Here's their list:

  • Despite the fact that heavy cars emit more CO2, car manufacturers continue to flood cities with them.
  • Car manufacturers break the rules by not informing consumers on the CO2 emissions of the cars they sell, and advert mainly heavy and powerful cars instead of fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • Consequently, car manufacturers fail to meet the CO2 reduction emission targets, but paradoxically blame consumers for it.
  • Governments should show strong leadership and force car manufacturers to make CO2 reduction a top priority.

[Thanks to J. Verhoeven for the information]

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