Fill 'er up with chocolate biodiesel

I imaging the Daryl Hannah would drink this in a heartbeat (and, come to think of it, John McCain might, too): biodiesel made from the waste that comes out of a chocolate factory. Delicious.
The details are as follows. Waste chocolate from a chocolate factory in the UK is used by Ecotec to make biodiesel. The final cost is 15 pence a liter. For those of us used to dollars and gallons, that equals 31 cents a liter, or $1.16 US a gallon) In the near future, the fuel will be used by a team of adventurers to travel from the UK to Timbuktu, in what the Lancashire Evening Post is calling the "world's first carbon negative vehicle expedition." I'm skeptical of the claim, but I don't doubt the tasty biofuel is up to the challenge.

You can watch a video about the chocolate waste conversion at the Read link.

[Source: Lancashire Evening Post / Mellanie Wallwork via Domestic Fuel]

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