Ladies and Gentleman: I am writing this post from the top deck of the HMS Titanic 2. This is the most powerful ship (of state) in the world. Unsinkable. Nothing can stop us. Get out of our way! Well, it is true we burn a lot of fuel on the Titanic and leave astern a big swath of liquid, solid and air waste, but that is what you do when you are so big and famous. Nothing can match us in size, power or speed.

The fuel use does concern me. This ship of ours was designed in a bygone era, when fuel was cheap, domestic and available. If we had to restrict our fuel use, all the famous Titanic features could be at risk. Our ship would go slower, our food not so fully cooked, our interior spaces not so comfortable. And there are no refueling ports in the mid-Atlantic.

Our prior captains have been saying that we cannot or need not change. Now a captain says we need to change but not very much. One executive officer, an Officer Gore, thought differently, but we did not want to change and he did not ever get promoted to captain. A Captain Bush is in command now while our crew makes some stops in some very strange places in order to show the locals how to live like us. That has not been so successful. Our crew members have been gone for quite a while. I hope they get back soon.

The more I think about it, the Titanic 2, the way it is, is not the ship I want to be on. I don't really need to go that fast, or leave so much trash in our wake. I don't like worrying where we will get our fuel all the time. Perhaps the Titanic 2 can be refitted, made more efficient and cleaner.

What's that? The captain says there are icebergs ahead. He says we are so fast and powerful he wants to rush by a few just to demonstrate our power. I certainly hope he knows what he is doing. I wouldn't want to do any irreparable damage done to this ship. There is no other ship quite like her in the world. I hope we can keep sailing on an improved Titanic 2 for a long, long time.

Best regards

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