Make your own biodiesel from animal fat with the FatBox

What can you do with lots of unused fat? Well, if you're in an industry that produces too much fat, you might want to look into a new device called "the FatBox," which was recently introduced by Pacific Natural Energy (PNE). The FatBox produces biodiesel from solid animal fat.

PNE is also the manufacturer of the BioBox, which we covered previously. "The FatBox is designed to work in conjunction with our BioBox," said Eric McLeod, PNE's founder and CEO. "Animal fats are a viable alternative to vegetable oil in the biodiesel production market."

How to make it? Simply load fat into the FatBox; the fat is then liquefied and processed into biodiesel. It takes about 15 pounds of fat to yield 1 gallon of usable feedstock.

While the farming industry is far from being commonly associated with green developments, the truth is that green ideas and farmers do coexist. Farms do produce a lot of waste, so the FatBox device seems like a not-too-awful idea

[Source: PME]

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