BMW officially accidentally prices 135i at $35,675*

Click the image above for more live pics of the BMW 135i.

Our boy Omar over at eGMCartech passed along a tip yesterday that BMW had a plaque standing next to its 135i listing the available options and price of its turbocharged entrant into the sport compact scene. Finally, all the speculation shall come to rest. After weaseling our way onto the show floor before the doors opened this morning, we made a B-line for the Bimmer booth to check it out for ourselves. The 135i sat on its pedestal, but unlike every other model there, the telltale placard was absent. Five minutes of snooping later, we hit gold behind a wall and you can check out the entire pricing and options list after the jump.

Pricing for the 135i starts at $35,675 -- very close to what's been rumored since its unveiling in Frankfurt. While that's certainly on the high side of things, it's not until you start optioning up the coupe that things get out of hand. REALLY out of hand. Tick the box for an automatic, and you're up another $1,275. Want the paddle shifters? Tack on another $100. The premium package boosts it up another $3,300; navigation with iDrive, $2,100. And on, and on, and on. The only thing missing is the price of the rarified air in the cabin, but BMW was nice enough to provide the windshield for free.

Bottom line: if you MAX-OUT the 135i, you're looking at over $52,000. Considering that a base 3-series comes in at around $32k (stripped), you'd better be very confident with your decision to be the first on your block to sport BMW's new hotness.

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