LA 2007: Vector Avtech WX-8 even worse in person, but there's hope

click image above for more pics of the Vector Avtech WX-8

Remember the new Vector we told you about yesterday, the one we likened to a previous gen Camaro? Believe it or not, the Vector Avtech WX-8 looks way worse in person. But don't let that turn you off. This is clearly just a prototype and although the overall shape may stay the same, there are a lot of tasty nuggets we learned about the car from stopping at its booth here in LA. First of all, the engine will be longitudinally mounted, not transverse. Secondly, besides that 7.0L V8 with its twin-turbo setup, there will also be an optional upgrade to a single whippled marine mill that should pump out somewhere north of 750 HP. If that seems too tame, you can opt for a twin-supercharged version that promises a whopping 1850 HP (!). The performance stats for that one are listed as 0-60 in 2.5, the quarter in a superbike-like 10.0, and a top speed of 275 MPH+. Well, that plus sign after the 275 can make it 300 MPH with Bonneville gearing, according to Vector. By the time this thing reaches production, we wouldn't doubt claims of 3,000 HP and 400 MPH knowing Vector. And as a slightly veiled slap at a certain super-Lambo displayed just on the other side of the wall, there is a huge photo of an F-22 Raptor behind the Vector to remind us of the inspiration and aeromotive engineering behind it. No pricing or production dates were announced though, so stay tuned.

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