LA 2007: Honda unwraps the 2009 FCX Clarity!

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Two years after unveiling the fuel cell-powered FCX concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda today revealed the production version of the car that will be available next summer, along with a name and a price. The car now known as the FCX Clarity will be available to retail customers starting in mid-2008 for a three year lease. The $600/month price tag will include all maintenance and collision insurance. Unlike GM's Project Driveway program, Honda made it clear that engineers won't be following these cars around. People will be able to come into a Honda dealer, sign the papers and drive away. At least if they live in southern California. Initially, the cars will only be available to customers in areas where hydrogen filling stations are available. The production version remains true to the concept with the only real change being the nose, which has been stretched a few inches to provide for some crush space. The range on a full tank of hydrogen compressed to 5,000 psi remains at 270 miles and the vertical flow fuel cell can start at temperatures down to -22F

[Source: Honda]

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