V8 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon delayed until 2009

Bad news V8 fans. The Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon won't be available with the 5.3-liter V8 that powers the new HUMMER H3 Alpha. Instead, buyers bent on getting their hands on one of the few remaining small-sized pickups will have to rely on either the Vortec 2.9-liter four or 3.7-liter inline-five for motivation until the 2009 model goes on sale late next year.

The story originated on a thread over at GM Inside News, and our man Mike Levine followed up with Chevy truck spokesman, Brian Goebel, who said that delay is due to "a cost and engineering issue that resulted in a decision to postpone the introduction by a few months."

[Source: Pickuptruck.com]

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