UPS leases 42 all-electric Zap Xebras for deliveries in Petaluma, California

In May, Zap announced that Domino's would use a three-wheeled, all-electric Xebra to deliver pizzas in Las Vegas. Today, Zero Air Pollution vehicles announced a much bigger delivery deal: UPS is leasing 42 Xebra cars and trucks to deliver packages in the city of Petaluma in Northern California. This is but one of UPS' attempts to get off the gas. You can read the details in the links listed below, but the most unusual of UPS' varied strategies is to save $600 million by favoring right hand turns.

As described in Zap's announcement, the Petaluma UPS branch will use the Xebras for small parcel deliveries and will be incorporating the electric vehicles into the tail end of the overall distribution chain, a decision that ZAP CEO Steve Schneider says is "the missing link for small package deliveries in congested areas. ... It's a perfect example of how green technology can help corporate America's bottom line." As our tipster Domenick says, someone is taking Zap seriously.

To see a slideshow of Zap/UPS photos, click here.

[Source: Zap, h/t to Domenick]

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