New Vector WX8 revives iconic American supercar name

If the name Gerald Weigert sounds familiar, you're probably a car nut of a certain age that remembers his travails trying to launch his pet supercar project, the Vector, back in the '70s, and the ensuing limited production run and financial difficulties during the '80s and early '90s. Originally powered by a turbocharged GM V8 in W8 guise, they eventually were fitted with a Lamborghini-sourced V12 in the M12 model. Fast forward to 2007, and the man that created quite a stir a generation ago with his All-American supercar is at it again. Vector Motors sent out a press release announcing their newest offering, the Vector Avtech WX8.

The full specs on the car are in the release (which you'll find after the jump), but it's fairly similar to the original plan. A race developed chassis with a bunch of aerospace technology, powered by a big V8. In this case it appears to be a Z06 mill that has been tweaked to produce 600HP, or a whopping 750 with an optional supercharger. Claimed acceleration is right in the middle of the supercar pack with 0-60 mph happening in 3.3 seconds, the quarter in 11.3 sec. at 138 mph, and a top speed of 260-270 MPH, given the proper gearing.

We'll see the car at the LA Auto Show this week, but Jalopnik ran these photos which make it look a bit like a mid-engined previous gen Camaro. We're not sure if this is the final look or not, so we'll reserve judgment.

[Source: Vector Motors via Jalopnik]

Press Release:

LOS ANGELES CA, The renowned automobile entrepreneur and vehicle designer Gerald Wiegert announced today the introduction of his latest creation - ultra-super-exotic vehicle trade named HPV for the "Vector Avtech WX-8". Gerald Wiegert, Chairman and Founder of Vector Motors Corporation, manufacturer of the Vector Avtech WX-8 ultra-supercar, announced today that the company will exhibit the Vector Avtech WX-8 at the prestigious, internationally acclaimed "Los Angeles Auto Show" from November 15th through November 24th in Los Angeles, CA.

The Los Angeles Auto Show event will be the first-ever debut of the all-American VECTOR WX-8 Hyper-Tech Performance Vehicle, and is regarded as one of the world's foremost showcase for exotic concept automobiles.

Interest in the all-new VECTOR WX8 supercar, as well as the Company's Private Placement stock offering, is intensifying due to the buzz among car enthusiasts. The new Vector Avtech WX8 is expected to establish several new records for a custom and production automobile, including a 0 to 60 in --- 0 to 100 in -- Quarter-Mile in ---- Skid Pad ------ and a top speed of------.

Vector Motors Corporation is based in Wilmington, California near the Port of Los Angeles.


The 2008 Vector Avtech WX8 a Hyper-Tech Performance Vehicle (HPV).


Projected performance:

A. 7.0 Liter Race Proven V8, made in the USA.

B. 750 hp (Supercharged)

C. 600 hp (normally aspirated)

D. 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds

E. Quarter mile 11.3 sec. at 138 mph

F. 260-270 mph top speed (Bonneville gearing)

Technical specifications and features:

q Transverse, Supercharged, all aluminum, 7.0 Liter (427 cubic inch), port fuel injected, 16 valve high-performance V8 engine, with dual air to air intercoolers and twin sequential flow, side mounted radiators.

q 15-inch diameter competition brake rotors with 6 piston calipers provide phenomenal braking capabilities. 19-inch aluminum racing wheels are complemented by race engineered tires capable of sustained high speeds.

q The all new aerodynamic high down-force WX3 body incorporates both hard edge and soft design features including: huge integrated inlet and exhaust ducts for heat exchangers, an extended tail with a high mounted, low drag symmetrical inverted high down-force airfoil wing spoiler that enhances high speed stability with aeroflaps.

q The Aerospace engineered body of the Vector A-WX8 is constructed of ultra-light Carbon fiber/E-Glass structural body panels.

q A wraparound glass to glass edge canopy with invisible A pillars differentiates the advanced styled Vector and a custom integrated three across seating system incorporating integrated storage compartments, fold down center bolsters/armrest for lateral support for maximum long distance touring comfort and utility, is a special order option.
q All jet aircraft type instrumentation panel machined from billet aluminum. Features include black anodized dash finish, military specification F- 22 Raptor switches, warning lights and reconfigurable electroluminescent 4 mode display panel, spacecraft circuit breakers, audible alarms and warning lights incorporating heads up display interface option.

q The Vector's chassis is a DOT crash tested and road proven aluminum honeycomb, semi-monoque aerospace engineered structure with a full chrome-moly race ready roll cage. The Vector's W8 structure attained the highest test results of any automotive structure tested by the DOT laboratory, and was the only auto structure ever to pass front and rear destructive tests with the same chassis.

q The Vector A-WX3 leading edge custom engineered sound system is powered by a revolutionary new technology incorporating amplifiers driving the 10 speaker system which consists of subwoofers for extreme bass output and ribbon tweeters for accurate high end sound resolution. The amplifiers are less than half the size and weight of equivalent power units.

Other standard Vector A-WX8 features include:

q High output air conditioning and ventilation
q Custom designer developed all leather interior
q Custom prototype stereo system
q Power steering with an adjustable tilt-telelescopic column
q Cruise control
q Retractable power mirrors
q Aircraft type flush windows
q Airbags
q Fully adjustable 2 abreast seating
q Sequential clutch-less automatic/manual shifting
q Two large storage compartments

Projected production for the 2008 Vector A-WX8 is scheduled at a very limited number of
units per year, with an anticipated sales, price to be determined by the Company and its dealer network.

The Vector A-WX8 represents more horse power, more torque, more features, more substance and superior man/machine environmental comfort than any other supercar ever offered. The A-WX8 is user friendly, easy to maintain and service. This "aerospace engineered" machine establishes a new paradigm in the high-end performance vehicle category.

VECTOR MOTORS CORPORATION has just created the next generation Vector Avtech WX8 Hyper-performance Vehicle (HPV), code named the Vector Avtech WX-8 Its design represents a significant aerodynamic and aesthetic breakthrough and calculated departure from the previous W8 supercar, while still maintaining the Vector character and family identity.

The Vector A-WX8 body and aerodynamic shape, hard trailing edges with softer leading edge contours. The all-new design incorporates numerous NASA type technology transfer features to solidify the Company's and Mr. Wiegerts' philosophy of "aerospace technology for the road".

The Vector A-WX8 features an all-new titanium valve 7.0 liter, 750 + hp engine which is unequalled in displacement and performance. The Supercharged engine has horsepower potential to 1200+hp. The normally aspirated version, is in the range of 600 to 700 hp. Projected speed of the extreme Vector Avtech WX8 HPV at maximum boost is in excess of 270 mph, with 0 to 60 mph times projected in the 3.0 to 3.3 second range.

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