Milan 2007: Aprilia FV2 1200 concept bike

When Aprilia first unveiled their new Shiver and its 750cc V-Twin, they hinted that there would soon be larger versions of the engine available. Here they provide further proof that they are serious about making their own engines by lodging a 1200cc version of the torque-pump in their carbon fiber FV2 1200 concept bike which was shown in Milan last week. Although the engine is production-probable, don't hold your breath for the rest of the concept, as the carbon chassis is likely very expensive to manufacture. Not only that, but appearing like a Confederate designed by KTM with all of their inherent sharp creases, it seems a little off-putting, although very attention-grabbing... perfect for a bike to be seen only on the show circuit. The front suspension is similar to the Hossack-designed system used on the new BMW K-Series of bikes and might look familiar to those of you who are used to seeing upper and lower A-arms on racing cars.

Despite the fact that the FV2 is likely just a means to show off their 1200cc V-Twin engine, we are not disappointed by it. We are glad to see Aprilia making their own engines are look forward to the liter-plus beasts to make it onto the street and into hooligan hands.

[Source: Aprilia]

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