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Kyoto's Smart Car Use Project increases number of "smart" drivers/riders

Since 2005, the city of Kyoto in Japan has been encouraging people to leave their cars behind and opt to get around by train and on foot. So far, the "mobility management" strategy has been a success, according to Japan for Sustainability. Through the Smart Car Use Project, the Kyoto prefectural government "promotes more effective commuter behavior through communicating with local residents and providing them with public transport options."

In an information exchange, the Prefectural government conducted a survey of commuters on their travel habits and at the same time gave them information on the car alternatives that are available (e.g., train schedules). JfS has the details, but the general gist is that around 25-35 percent more people took the train to work after the survey. Last year, the government increased the number of seminars on "the smart use of cars" and is looking for ways to implement new measures in the coming fiscal year. That's smart.

[Source: Japan for Sustainability]

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