Many adults these days have grown up with Sesame Street as a staple of their youth. The show has also introduced many children to the world of heavy machinery with their factory tour segments. You know the clips where they show detailed videos of the crayon manufacturing process? It's amazing how enthralling molten wax can be. Wouldn't it be great to see similar videos featuring aftermarket performance brands? Well it seems that Power TV has answered this heretofore unknown demand. The video sharing network has posted a shop tour series featuring inside looks at a few well known names in automotive performance.

The clips show elements of design, manufacturing and quality control as they pertain to pistons, cylinder heads, exhausts, turbochargers, superchargers and even engine blueprinting. It is apparent that expensive modern technologies such as 3-D CAD software, coordinate measuring devices (CMM) and 5-axis CNC machines have infiltrated aftermarket organizations thus creating better products for the end user. While some of the videos come across as blatant advertisements, they still offer a nice peak into the world of performance goods. Follow the jump to view the video series.


JE Pistons

Dart Heads




Livernois Motorsports

JBA Performance Center

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