Rendered Speculation: Ferrari SUV that's not going to happen

Rumors of Ferrari producing an SUV have been around for years, probably ever since the Porsche Cayenne arrived and proved that a marque with the highest of sporting credentials could get away with offerings such a clod to its clientele. Nevertheless, Ferrari fans scoff at the idea, with some here at Autoblog exclaiming they will draw their last breath before Maranello builds an SUV.

Yet the rumors persist, recently culminating in a post by our friends over at World Car Fans that contained an incredible amount of specific conjecture about a Ferrari F599 FS 599 Fuoristrada concept being readied for the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The rendering that accompanied their post was a bit 8th grade-esque in execution, so we thought we'd share this one cribbed from what appears to be a Romanian site. For all we know the linked article could be telling us that the Ferrari SUV has been approved for production and Michael Schumacher will personally autograph the passenger-side airbag of each one, but we don't speak Romanian and neither do any of our trusted web-based translaters. If you do, let us know what the scoop is in the comments.

Regardless, this rendering at least does justice to what a Ferrari SUV might look like, with sinewy curves, styling cues that evoke past prancing horses and what appears to be a wheel/tire combo that could easily take an apex or two. Should such a vehicle ever be made? Hell no! But there's no harm in drawing one, we suppose.

Thanks for the tip, Justin!


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