Proton may build world's first Islamic car

What exactly differentiates a car we might think of as "normal" from an Islamic car? For starters, it would include a compass dialed in to always point towards Mecca. It would also feature a storage compartment similar to a glove box for your copy of the Koran. Such a car is being considered for production by Proton, Malaysia's state-owned automaker. It would be developed in cooperation with parties from Turkey and Iran and possibly based on the automaker's Waja sedan, shown above. Proton could use a sales hit, and clearly the Islamic market is one yet to be fully tapped by automakers. We're curious to know whether or not such a vehicle would be seen as pandering to a demographic that's sensitive about its culture, or whether it would be embraced by people of the Islamic faith. Western religions have certainly penetrated car culture, as any person who has christened his center console with a plastic Dashboard Jesus will tell you, though we can't remember a time when Christ was offered as a factory option.


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