First pics of new Euro Ford Focus Wagon

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While Ford has yet to formally release official photos and details relating to the new variants of the updated Euro Focus, the overseas media has been doing a knockup job stealing the Oval's thunder. First, it was Auto Express spilling the beans on the new Focus ST. Next up is the Focus Wagon, courtesy of (via our compadres at Autoblog Spanish). As you're probably aware, the Focus station wagon is now an overseas-only body style, and what a shame that is, because it's a snappy-looking one at that. As with the regular Focus and Focus ST, the latest Ford Europe design elements are on display here. A host of engine/trim levels will be available, too, including an Econetic-branded version that should deliver 54 US mpg and carbon dioxide emissions of just 115 g/km. On top of the green-themed car, expect a variety of gasoline, diesel, and flex-fuel offerings depending on market.

[Source: via Autblog Spanish]

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