You read it right: China has sent a mission to the European Parliament to study CO2 pollution regulations. But let's not make a toast yet: they don't have an agenda and they won't establish any targets for the near future. China says that they have to compromise because of climate change but, like many other Asian countries, they won't be forced into limiting their growth.

Nevertheless, the EU and China are speaking about the exchange of technology for energy efficiency, reducing emissions and energy saving. The European Commissioner for Climate Change, Guido Sacconi said that this was a "very positive message, despite China advocates for keeping the Kyoto Protocol guidelines, which do not imply quantitative efforts to developing countries."

Christian-Democrat representative Karl-Heinz Florenz said that "we could feel China's efforts in mitigating human-derived climate change".

This mission, then, might make China a powerful ally in the upcoming United Nations conference in Bali about Climate Change.

[Source: Europa Press via Econoticias]

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