Britney Spears goes car shopping, comes home with 604 horses

The salesman who sold Lindsay Lohan her Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG must have been present when Britney Spears recently rolled into the dealership. According to celebrity site, Britney Spears just picked up a shiny new white SL65. That means once again a young accident prone distracted driver gets a twin-turbo monster (hooray!) with which to aim at unsuspecting bystanders. Wherever will she fit the baby seats? Surely an SL350 would have suited Ms. Spears for her frequent Starbucks runs, but why should anyone think with reason? Now we'll just wait for it to show up on eBay after getting repaired from impacting a stationary object (or human being). You never know, someone might be able to get a sweet deal on this car second-hand. Just watch out for the Frappuccio stains.


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