Yes, oil is reaching the 100 UDS/barrel range and Americans might see gas around $4 per gallon very soon. Of course, some voices from the industry have been raised to help solve this situation, if you agree with them that high gas prices are bad for everybody (My guess is that most of our readers would rather trade high prices for more fuel-efficient vehicles or alternative energies). One voice comes from the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), which has announced the results of a survey on how American citizens perceive this situation.

According to their results, 6 out of 10 people surveyed claim they have changed their driving habits because of rising gas prices. 3 out of 10 also said they would make more changes when the prices stays at $3 a gallon and 3 out of 10 said that they would have to change habits further if gas rose to more than $4 a gallon.

This survey also asked what those "driving habits" are. 90 percent of the poll said that it means driving less and 75 percent revealed that they are performing better maintenance of their vehicles (now please note who paid for the survey). People willing to make more drastic changes were not as easy to find: 31 percent said that they would carpool more, 30 percent would buy more efficient vehicles and 24 percent would use more mass transit.

While the survey promotes drivers performing regular DIY maintenance in sake of fuel efficiency, it's still interesting to see how a greener driving message is making its way into public opinion.

[Source: Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association ]

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