Ballard says they have finalized the rumored deal to sell their auto fuel cell unit, called Burnaby, which includes 113 employees (20 percent of the company's workforce). Ballard will sell the unit to Ford and Daimler for a swap of 34.3 million Ballard shares, worth $168 million and a new company will be formed. As we mentioned earlier today, the new auto fuel cell company will be owned 50.1 percent owned by Daimler, 30 percent by Ford and 19.9 percent by Ballard. Ford and Daimler will invest $60 million in the company with another $60 million investment from Ballard.

In the video above, Ballard president and CEO John Sheridan talks about shifting Ballard's focus from fuel cell for cars to back-up electricity systems, residential co-generation power supply and forklifts. Sheridan says fuel cells for cars are far out in the future and will cost a lot. In the video John is asked "does this mean the fuel cell vehicle dream is over?" John says "no, not at all. The fuel cell dream is very much alive and I think it's going to be a key part of all our futures." John continues, saying again that it's going to take a lot of money and time, like 8 to 12 years.

[Source: Bloomberg, YouTube]

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