Michelin seeks to double tire life, increase performance

Parasitic power loss has been the bane of automotive engineers for decades. Be it from drivetrain components or tires, only a fraction of the energy created by our favorite four-stroke sequence actually finds its way to the pavement. Michelin recognizes that tires play a particularly crucial role, especially when its research shows that 20-percent of energy is lost through the rubber gumballs. So the French tire firm has set a goal to lower rolling resistance by 50-percent, while simultaneously doubling tread wear and reducing braking distances.
Tire chemistry, advanced construction techniques, tread design and computer modeling is currently being employed to reach Michelin's objectives, and none of it will come at the expense of performance. Additionally, Michelin is in the process of supporting U.S. legislation that would mandate NHTSA and the EPA to list the rolling-resistance of tires for sale, something that can range by up to half, depending on the manufacturer and the model.

[Source: Inside Line]

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