EU and USA to announce agreement on biofuels standards

The EU and the USA seem to have agreed in something: biofuel standards. The announcement, which is expected to happen in a few days, will attempt to make trading biofuels as easy as possible, not only between the the EU and the US, but worldwide as well.

This is one of the key topics of the Transantlantic Economic Council summit, an idea from Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel that will be held in Washington.

The standards will also help the auto industry to adapt car models to biofuels. This has been one of the reasons many marques say using biofuels is a no-no in current engines. It's commonly known that an engine needs specific modifications to run ethanol, but biodiesel has always been another story: Rumors say (for instance in taxi drivers' sites) that using biodiesel voids the warranty in some models.The reality is not so easily encapsulated, but biofuel standards will hopefully make warranty worries a thing of the past.


[Source: Econoticias]

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