We're working on an update to our little AutoblogGreen website. As this is happening behind the scenes, we got an email from a reader named Bill, who wasn't too pleased with us. He wrote:
Why not add "concept engines" as a topic to introduce new up and coming innovations, how about "MPG" as a topic for mileage improvements, etc. Or do you only pander to large mfg sponsors to promote their deviated agenda? Same Ol S---, I'll be watching with no expectations. [...] I like that at least you added HCCI as a topic.

Now, problem #1 were his typos, which I cleaned up. Problem #2 is that (I think) we do cover green car improvements whether they come from large or small companies. Problem #3 is that we do have MPG as a topic, and we have Emerging Technologies where we would put things that he suggests for "concept engines." But Bill raises a good point (aside from highlighting the old truism that berating someone isn't the best way to try and get them to change), and that is what sort of new categories would our readers like to see? We've got our ears open and I will be reading the comments to see what you have to say. Remember, we're much more likely to hear you if you keep a civil tone. Thanks, and I look forward to your suggestions.

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