GM's hybrid SUV prices will be "corrected" upwards next week

We thought a week or so ago that GM's new hybrid SUVs would start around $45,000. That information came from a GM spokesman, who said the hybrid version would cost about the same price as the conventional 5.3L model with similar equipment. A price like that would have meant virtually no price premium for the hybrid. Following that post, GM's website confirmed the news, and showed the costs of the Chevy Tahoe 4-Door two-wheel drive hybrid ($47,915), the Tahoe four-wheel drive ($50,720), and the GMC Yukon two-wheel drive hybrid ($48,370).


The Detroit News reports that GM will reveal the "real prices of hybrids" next week, and the numbers will be higher. How high? No one is saying, but GM spokesman Terry Rhadigan said this week that the website prices "weren't right when they were up there and we're not sure how they got up there." Looks like the hybrid premium is alive and well at GM. Stay tuned.

[Source: David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau]

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