Brits sample the Cadillac CTS and come away smiling

When Cadillac introduced the first generation CTS not long after we entered the new millennium, it had high hopes for sales of the car in Europe an . The brand really wanted to attack BMW's share of the premium small to mid-sized sedan market with a car priced like a 3-series, but scaled in size like the larger 5-series. Unfortunately, the CTS never gained much momentum thanks to questionable styling and an interior that was not up to snuff.

Now that the 2008 CTS is rolling out of Lansing, old-line British mag CAR has taken one out for a thrash and come away impressed. As most of here at Autoblog who've checked it out would agree, the new styling is a huge improvement and the interior is miles ahead of previous American cars. While the new direct injected 3.6L gas V-6 is nice, the Brits are really looking forward to the new 2.9L diesel V-6 arriving on their shores in 2009. It's too bad we'll probably never see that engine in the U.S. Perhaps if we keep pestering GM about it though, the automaker will have a change of heart. We can only hope.

Click the Read link below to discover just how the new Cadillac CTS impressed the hard-to-please English.

[Source: CAR]

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