I have long had the image that that fuel pump hose filling our gas tanks is really more like a money vacuum. We pump in 10 gallons and make a $35 deposit into the oil cartel bank account. They then take some of that money and use some of it to explore for new oil. They use another part to live large in their parts of the world. Then they use still another part to buy properties in the US so that soon will be buying oil to drive to work at businesses owned by foreign oil company wealth.

There is nothing basically wrong with this. Believe me, if the tables were reversed, we would do exactly the same thing. It is perfectly legal under our form of government and justice. We are allowing and condoning it. In fact we are funding it, aren't we? Somehow I am beginning to feel like a gerbil in an exercise wheel. I can run like hell but I will never get anywhere..

This is AutoblogGreen but I feel it could just as well be AutoblogSmart. I think we have to squeeze every wasted drop of petroleum out of our day-to-day lives. The "p" in petroleum is for "precious" and we treat it like we will never run out of it. Stretch that fuel in your tank. Car pool, walk, bike, maintain you current vehicle (proper tire pressure? clean air filter?), take a freakin' bus or train, telecommute. If you don't, when oil hits $100 a barrel, who you gonna blame? Get a mirror.

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