I think I have a new can't-fail interview technique for the next gathering of auto reps I visit: badgering them. The clip above is from the new Onion, and shows the "anchor" not giving two rips about improved fuel efficiency (or Ford's SYNC option) once he finds out that neither Ford, GM or Toyota are going to deliver a flying car. This is the kind of thing we more often post on Fridays, but, hey, I assume you like to laugh on Tuesdays, too, right?

And as a side note, the clip is sponsored by Ford. Therefore, the ad following the bit is for the Ford Escape hybrid SUV. Irony or product placement?

For more humor, check out a classic bit of comedy (slightly NSFW if stuff shown on Jay Leno isn't appropriate for your workplace) from Dante and Randal of Kevin Smith's Clerks. Our two heroes discuss just how far one should go in search of the flying car.

[Source: The Onion, YouTube]

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