eBay Find of the Day: Dalai Lama Land Rover

So many people view the Dalai Lama as a symbol of peace, humanity and compassion, and if those qualities aren't worthy of recognition, we don't know which ones are. Who knew he was an off-roader or closet car enthusiast, though? We recently discovered that the Dalai Lama Foundation has listed the 1966 Land Rover once used as transportation for the holy figure on eBay. The sale of the completely restored vehicle will go 100% towards the organization and its cause. The auction winner not only gets the immaculate vehicle, but also a three-day Buddhism study session with the Dalai Lama himself and a meeting with Sharon Stone. We hope the winner asks Ms. Stone what she was thinking making Basic Instinct 2... oh yeah, and enjoys his or her enlightening time spent with the Dalai Lama. We hear he's the Dalai-est of Lamas of ever.

[Source: eBay]

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