Denmark's ambitious plans for EV motoring around the country

According to the words from Denmark's Minister of Transport and Energy in the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende, the Scandinavian country really want all-electric cars to be on the road.
"At the moment the officials are studying the project. The legal matters need to be in place. However, I am very positive towards the project and I hope it will become a reality already during the period up to 2015," says Minister for Transport and Energy Jakob Axel Nielsen.

The Danish government is seeking support for the EVs from an Israeli investment company, which wasn't named but is rumored to be from the software industry. The plans is to promote the use of electric cars that are able to run up to 150 km (90 miles) per charge, suppported by a network of about half a million charging stations around the country (total population is about 5.5 million inhabitants, so one station for every 11 people) that would work as gas stations in a way users don't notice significant differences

The Government is also looking for a formula via tax exemptions to make the plan attractive both to the public and to investors.

[Source: Copenhagen Facility, thanks to Domenick for the tip!]

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