WIRED Magazine is setting up a custom house celebrating all things modern and high-tech and they've chosen the BMW Hydrogen 7 to occupy the garage. The WIRED LivingHome is supposed to 'serve as an example of how people can effectively balance green living with high technology and high design." How you go about reconciling green living with a 4,057 square foot house is questionable. Even with a Gold rating from United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED® for Homes Program, a house that big filled with all the latest gadgetry is going to consume a lot of energy. If WIRED really wanted to set an example for green living they would start with a much smaller building and make it as efficient as possible. And the garage would be occupied by something much more practical and efficient than the Hydrogen 7. If they wanted to demonstrate sustainability they would choose a vehicle that doesn't use liquid hydrogen which must be vented as it boils in the fuel tank, eventually running dry as it sits parked.

[Source: BMW]

A Showcase of the Best in Sustainability, Technology and Design
Woodcliff, NJ - November 2, 2007... The BMW Group is proud to announce that the BMW Hydrogen 7 - the world's first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan - has been selected to participate in the first-ever WIRED LivingHome. Designed by Ray Kappe, FAIA, this modern luxury residence will serve as an example of how people can effectively balance green living with high technology and high design. Located in an exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood, the 4,057 square foot WIRED LivingHome is designed to attain at least a Gold rating from the United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED® for Homes Program.

Running in hydrogen mode, the BMW Hydrogen 7 essentially emits nothing but water vapor, representing a major step in reducing harmful CO2 emissions. It is not a concept car, but a production model vehicle that has successfully completed BMW's entire Product Development Process. The car features a duel combustion engine with two fuel tanks - one for hydrogen and one for regular gasoline, which may be switched from one to the other seamlessly with the simple push of a button on the steering wheel. While the BMW Hydrogen 7 is not for sale, it is considered to be a milestone in bringing forward hydrogen as the sustainable fuel for individual transportation.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 was selected to be part of the WIRED LivingHome because it marries the three overarching concepts embodied by the WIRED LivingHome - technology, sustainability and design. Like the BMW Hydrogen 7, the WIRED LivingHome offers tangible proof that a focus on luxury and a focus on the environment do not have to be mutually exclusive.

"The WIRED LivingHome is an opportunity to showcase the best products featured in WIRED magazine" said Jay Lauf, Publisher. "We are working with partners who represent the best in technology, sustainability and design on this home. The BMW Hydrogen 7 represents that."

As the official automobile of the WIRED LivingHome, the BMW Hydrogen 7 will be a fixture on the home's premises, and will also be used to provide shuttle service for guests to and from the pick up/drop off point (designed to keep the address of the LivingHome unknown.) Last week, noted Hollywood director Steve Gaghan - known most recently for box office blockbusters Traffic and Syriana, was handed over keys to a BMW Hydrogen 7, becoming the latest member of the BMW Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program. By giving BMW Hydrogen 7s to prominent figures for their everyday use, the program is designed to help build widespread awareness and acceptance of hydrogen as a viable fossil fuel alternative.

The WIRED LivingHome will be open to the public for tours, sustainable programming and charity-driven events for three weeks in late fall 2007. A percentage of proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Global Green USA, a national leader fighting for solutions to global warming including green building, and Enterprise, the national leader in creating environmentally sustainable homes and communities for low-income people.

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