How much love can one car get? If you're the Tesla Roadster, a lot. If you're not suffering from Tesla-fatigue, take a look at the video above. It's a 6-min. clip from Mahalo Daily that shows host Veronica Belmont chatting and riding with Zak Edson, who works in member services at Tesla, about the car and Tesla's plans for the future. The two also explain the home charging unit and some of the carbon fiber body panels.

For now, this video will serve as an appetizer until the middle of the month. That's when AutoblogGreen will get our first crack at sitting in the driver's seat of a Roadster (we were among the first to go for a ride in one, but driving and riding are two different things). You'll get the full details soon. During the LA Auto Show, we'll also be getting a chance to ride in a near production ready Roadster and chatting with VP Darryl Siry and others from Tesla.

[Source: Mahalo Daily]

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