Audi, Porsche set to expand dealerships

Porsche's recent growth and Audi's plan for world domination are well underway, but beyond the product push both automakers have in store, the other part of the equation is dealerships. Audi currently has around 2,700 dealerships worldwide and according to the automaker's sales exec, Ralph Weyler, that's going to expand to 3,000 by 2011. The increase in dealerships is the cornerstone of Audi's plan to bring up annual sales to 1.5 million in the next few years, primarily by offering a range of products and winning the conquest contest with its competition.

Porsche, whose consistent profitability shows no signs of weakening, also plans to expand from its dealer network to 700 from 650 in the next decade. Although another 50 dealers doesn't seem like a large push, it's the strategic placement of those dealers in emerging markets like China and India that will boost Porsche sales. Klaus Berning, Porsche's sales chief, maintains that the luxury marque's sales in China could easily eclipse the 17-percent currently sold in Germany over the next five years.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport via Reuters]

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