White Flash: Edo Competition 599/630 GTB

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The sorcerers at Germany's Edo Competition have cast their spells on the Ferrari 599 GTB, and as usual, the results are impressive. The Edo Competition GTB comes in two flavors, but let's cover the common ground, first. The car gets lowered 40mm in back, 40 mm in front, and gets added stick courtesy of an Edo/KW adjustable sport suspension. 20" wheels with stainless outer rims can be custom-painted in any shade the owner desires, and the V12's song is newly amplified thanks to a sport exhaust with a driver-controllable butterfly valve. Want it to be louder? Just dial it up, baby.

Of course, the most important piece of the puzzle is the 6.0L Enzo-derived V12 under that long hood. In stock trim, it blasts out 620 horsepower. Edo customers can opt for the Level 1 "F599 GTB" engine upgrade, which combines intake and exhaust work with ECU reprogramming to boost output to 650 horses. Those with deeper pockets and/or looking for a more extreme level of tune can opt for the Level 2 "630 GTB" package. This elevates the Ferrari's power levels from the sublime to the ridiculous thanks to a 6.3L FXX engine conversion. Edo estimates 750 HP for the Level 2 option, which is, you know, not bad.

[Source: Edo Competition]

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