Some of us here at Autoblog actually care about how our cars look and take extraordinary measures to keep their finishes looking like a mirror. Meguiar's has unveiled its new line of car cleansing products for 2008, and they've developed an entirely new wax formula that caught our eye here at SEMA. It's debuting in Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax 2.0 and is coined Hydrophobic Polymer Technology. Hydrophobic is a term meaning water fearing, which chemists use to describe chemical compositions that actually repel H2O molecules. That's right, this stuff is actually scared of water, so much so that when water drops onto a hydrophobic surface, the polar structure of the wet stuff that creates surface tension causes the H2O molecules to bond to each other. This not only creates beads of water like normal waxes, but also encourages those beads to get the heck off your paint job, post haste. This advanced water repellent force makes Tech Wax 2.0 more advanced than your everyday wax, and we're eager to give it a try on our collection of cars.

[Source: Meguiar's]

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