LeMons in '08: Six events and no more "Nerf Bars"

In a scant two years, the 24 Hours of LeMons has grown from one event featuring a handful of halfwits and their rudimentary rustbuckets, to what can now be considered a series. Jay and his crew have come a long way – likely to the chagrin of themselves and their spouses – and due to LeMons' popularity, they'll be organizing six events for 2008: one each at Altamont, Detroit and Thunderhill, plus three other races in the Southwest, Southeast and Northeast. Those last few events are still TBA until the rest of the "respected" motorsports groups ( NASA, SCCA, NASCAR, etc.) have their own dates firmed up for '08.

In addition to the news about venues and events next year, we got word that "Nerf Bars" – the large, metal tubing that protrudes out from some LeMons cars, protecting wheels, bumpers and other extremities – are now banned. The rules (yes, there are rules, with subsections and everything) now state that these "added structural elements" are no longer allowed. The reason seemed to stem from the race we participated in a couple of weeks back, where the organizers noticed that teams outfitted with external protection had a tendency to, putting it lightly, use it to their own destructive advantage. They're out for '08, and we think it's a good call – only because we didn't install them.

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