Tokyo Motor Show: Daihatsu HSC is one slippery little sucker

The 2007 Tokyo Motor Show ended last week, but today we're cleaning out our closet of yet-to-be published posts from this biggest of biannual Japanese auto shows.
click above image for more live pics of the Daihatsu HSC Concept

We missed the Daihatsu HSC at Frankfurt somehow, but stumbled across the little concept in Tokyo. Its "catamaran-like underbody", a CD value of 0.28, and idling stop function coupled to an advanced CVT all adds up to 60 mpg. Check out those mirrors and the funky interior, too. Looking around the stand here in Tokyo, it strikes us that a lack of B pillars and A pillars that flow into the headlights may well become Daihatsu trademarks over the coming years.


Daihatsu HSC

Daihatsu proposes a next-generation small car concept that is gentle to the Earth and its people, for all those people who want to choose a car that is actively kind to the environment. The HSC, or Heart & Smile Mover, is a proposal for a new sedan style based on ease of use and safety design that utilizes practical technologies to achieve both excellent fuel consumption performance and space to seat four adults comfortably.

While maintaining space that accommodates four people in comfort, it achieves a low CD value of 0.28 that contributes to improved fuel consumption through a sleek design that makes use of a wing-shaped cabin cross-section and a catamaran-like underbody that extends past the wheels to reach all along the body. At the same time, engine heat is exhausted out of the front wheel disc, to ensure that a thorough aerodynamic control design is maintained.

The car uses a flat floor and floating image long-slide seat. And with satellite switches, operating systems concentrated on a floor control tower, and a liquid crystal monitor meter, it offers all-new information displays.

-Use of double doors through elimination of the B pillar, and of flat floors, for a space that is easy to get in and out of.
-4.1L/100km fuel consumption is achieved through an efficient Power Unit combining factors including reduced friction, improved fuel combustibility and increased compression ratio together with CVT, Idle Stop System and aerodynamic control design with CD value of 0.28.
-Lightweight, safe frame, with side and back monitors plus 11-inch large monitor to reduce dead spots.
- Offers comfortable habitability for 4 adults while also achieving advanced aerodynamic performance.

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