SEMA 2007 Spotlight: Bilstein offering more stiff selections

Although the big news from Bilstein is the upgrade from its PSS9 system to the PSS10 (essentially, adding one more level of damping to their struts), more impressive is the firm's new Electronic Ridecontrol system. Essentially, it's similar to Porsche's PASM system, without integration between the ECU to gather inputs from the throttle position sensor, traction control and steering angle sensor. Pushing the dash-mounted blue backlit button changes the strut's firmness from "Comfort" to "Sport," all within fractions of a second. The "Comfort" selection is still about 50-percent stiffer than stock, and currently it's available for the BMW E46, E90 and E60, along with the Mercedes E-Class (W211). Bilstein plans to develop the system for a number of other high-end applications, specifically the entire Porsche range, from the Boxster to the 996 and 997 911s. MSRP is just a few bucks over $3,000.

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